Inhabiting the Hack

Inhabiting the Hack

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Inhabiting the Hack is a collaborative research project examining the notions of innovation and creativity ingrained in digital culture. We will work with arts organisations in developing alternative styles of hack events, often informed by traditional arts activities such as residencies and retreats. The hacks all privilege diversity, collaboration and reflection, and are positioned in alternative and complementary disciplines and histories, provide a critical perspective on current practice.

  • What relationships between innovation, practice, imagination and material does the hackathon uncover? How do maker cultures reorder these relationships, and to what extent does enhanced tangibility and liveness in digital interfaces interfere with or promote innovation?
  • Where does innovation need to be located in the design process (is it located in the design process?) in order to be captured, exploited, made meaningful? Is innovation as it is produced here, necessarily a good thing?
  • What future does the hackathon imagine? What potentials for innovation and creativity are suggested?

Research team

  • Alex McLean
  • Helen Thornham
  • Edgar Gomez Cruz

Working with many great artists and artist organisations, as detailed in our pages about each of the hacks.